What is the TRICARE Supplement Insurance Plan?

Retired military families who have TRICARE insurance can get help saving on co-pays, prescriptions, and cost shares. Supplement insurance helps reimburse you for covered expenses that TRICARE doesn't pay.

TRICARE Supplement Coverage Diagram

Want to learn more?

For many people who rely on TRICARE health insurance, having TRICARE Supplement insurance can help reduce out-of-pocket costs. So the question is, are you one of those people? 

Complete the form on this page to find out if a plan is right for you. Or, call 888-214-0794 to speak with a rep. Make sure to mention you're an AFBA member!

Here are some other issues the TRICARE Supplement can help with:

  • Expensive prescription costs
  • Provider referral delays
  • Underwriting hassles

Complete the form on this page to learn more. 



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