TRICARE Supplement

A Voluntary Employee Benefit for
Employees of MCHCP

What is TRICARE?

TRICARE is a health care program benefitting uniformed military services members as well as their families. All TRICARE plans satisfy requirements for minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

TRICARE Select (formerly called Standard/Extra) is a fee-for-service option for non-active duty service members. Although out-of-pocket costs for this coverage is higher, there is no referral requirement, and more freedom and options for providers are available, allowing the plan to function more like a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization). This option also has the added benefit of covering insureds while they travel overseas.

TRICARE Prime is a managed care option primarily offered for active duty service members, with comprehensive coverage offered. Some retired military members may also qualify for this coverage, but active duty members are automatically eligible. The plan offers a lower out-of-pocket cost, and in many cases, the plan requires referrals to see eligible service area providers, much like an HMO.

TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) is a plan which functions similarly to TRICARE Select, but is only for military reservists and National Guard members. These individuals must not be under eligibility for other TRICARE coverage

What is the TRICARE Supplement?

The TRICARE Supplement is a voluntary insurance plan, designed to supplement what TRICARE already covers and assist with healthcare expenses for those who enroll. It also carries additional benefits for eligible dependents, as well as more choices for health coverage overall.

Who sponsors the program?

Selman & Company is the administrator and marketer of an employer-based plan sponsored by GEA USA (The Government Employees Association), underwritten by Transamerica.

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Choosing the TRICARE Supplement Insurance plan will provide you with worldwide coverage that wraps around your TRICARE benefit plan to pay out-of-pocket expenses (cost shares, copayments and applicable excess charges). See Plan Details for specific plan features.

Plan Benefits

Reimbursement for:

  • Deductibles for services (see Plan Details for specifics)
  • Copays (inpatient, outpatient, prescription drugs)
  • Cost share (inpatient, outpatient, prescription drugs)
  • Excess Charges (to the legal limit)
  • Portability

Plan Features

  • No pre-existing condition limitations
  • Guaranteed acceptance, no requirement for a medical examination
  • No referrals /authorization required
  • Prompt claims processing-generally 10 days or less in most cases
  • Worldwide coverage

Termination and Portability

The TRICARE Supplement Plan is portable. That means it's available to you and your family members if you leave your employer for any reason. If you leave your employer and wish to continue enrollment, please contact Selman & Company to have your coverage converted. Please note that your premium remains the same but you would pay using post-tax dollars.

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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for TRICARE Supplement Insurance you must be eligible for TRICARE, not eligible for Medicare and under age 65*, including:

  • Military retirees who are entitled to retiree, retainer or equivalent pay.
  • Retired Reservists enrolled in TRICARE Retired Reserves (gray area retirees).
  • Retired Reservists between ages 60 and 65 and entitled to retiree pay.
  • Spouses and surviving spouses of retired uniformed services members.
  • Qualified National Guard and Reserve members (TRS-TRICARE Reserve Select).

Dependent Eligibility

Coverage is extended to your unmarried dependent children under age 21 (23 if a full-time student) or under age 26 if enrolled in TRICARE Young Adult (TYA) program. Incapacitated dependents must be enrolled prior to age 21 (23 if a full-time student) to continue the TRICARE Supplement Plan. Incapacitated dependents not enrolled prior to age limits will not be eligible for the supplement.

1) Members and their spouses age 65 or older but are ineligible for Medicare. These individuals must provide Selman & Company with a copy of the Social Security Administration ‘Notice of Disallowance’.

2) Members and their spouses age 65 or older but reside overseas. Since Medicare does not cover medical expenses incurred outside of the United States of America these individuals are eligible to enroll in TRICARE Supplement Insurance. However, these individuals must be entitled to Medicare Part A and be enrolled in Medicare Part B.

Please note that the TRICARE Supplement Plan may have different benefit eligibility requirements from your employer`s existing medical plans.

Check Your Eligibility

Eligibility for TRICARE is determined by the uniformed services and reported to DEERS. All eligible beneficiaries must have their eligibility status recorded in DEERS.

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Filing Your TRICARE Supplement Claim

Filing your TRICARE Supplement Insurance claim is simple. Either you or your provider may file the claim. The claim submission MUST include the following:

  • A completed and signed claim form
  • A copy of your provider’s bill showing the diagnosis, provider’s name, address and Tax ID number
  • A copy of the corresponding TRICARE Explanation of Benefits (TEOB) statement.

Simply mail all three items to Selman & Company: Selman & Company, 6110 Parkland Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44124.

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This website has been designed to provide information about Selman & Company's TRICARE Supplement Plan to help employees prepare for Open Enrollment and throughout the year.

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It's easy to take advantage of this voluntary benefit.

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Selman & Company is the administrator of the TRICARE Supplement Insurance plan. We specialize in the marketing and administration of supplement plans for the military community.
Phone: (800) 638-2610, Option 1
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Your Plan Details

Learn what's covered and download materials:
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Monthly Premium


Employee Only = $60.50
Employee +Child (ren) = $119.50
Employee + Spouse = $119.50
Employee + Family = $160.50

State of Washington Residents Only:

Employee Only = $45.83
Employee + One = $89.17
Employee + Two/More = $119.50

Payment Options

Employers determine how payments will be accepted, such as payroll deduction, EFT or Check payment.


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The TRICARE Supplement/CHAMPVA Supplement Plans are subject to plan deductible and limitations. See the certificate of insurance for complete plan details. The Supplement Plans are administered by Selman & Company and underwritten by Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company (TPLC) (Cedar Rapids, IA) and Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company (TFLIC) (Harrison, NY) for New York residents. TFLIC is authorized to conduct business in New York. TPLIC is authorized to conduct business in all other states.