Member-Only Insurance Programs

Inquire about the special insurance programs offered by your credit union.

What Is It?

As a valued member, you can apply for competitively-priced insurance to help protect you and your family. Depending on which programs are offered by your credit union, this may include:

  • Accidental Insurance

Request Assistance

Credit union members may request application packets, get a quote, or ask questions:

  • Call 877-665-7563
  • Or, complete the form on this page 

It may take up to 3 to 5 business days to process your request. Please include as much information as you can in your question.


How Much?

Costs vary based on age, state, and the number of dependents you wish to cover. Complete the form on this page to get a quote, or request an application packet.

Who Offers This Insurance?

The Insurance Program is presented and administered by Selman & Company on behalf of your credit union. Call 877-665-7563 to speak with a friendly customer service representative from Selman & Company.

Start here:

Complete the form to request more information about your insurance program. 

Or, call 877-665-7563.

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