"TRICARE Supplement Insurance for Talent Acquisition and Health Care Cost Control"

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TRICARE Supplement Insurance as a Voluntary Benefit Helps Employers and Employees

TRICARE is a health care program benefiting uniformed military servicesTricareSupplement-Whitepaper-Thumbnail.png members as well as their families. The TRICARE Supplement is a voluntary benefit insurance plan, designed to supplement what TRICARE already covers and assist with healthcare expenses for those who enroll.

In this paper, employers and brokers can learn about TRICARE and TRICARE Supplement insurance, including who sponsors these programs and who is eligible. You'll learn three ways employers benefit by offering a TRICARE Supplement as a voluntary benefit:

  • Create an attractive alternative to employer-based, major medical coverage for eligible employees
  • Cost is paid by employee; the program does not include a corporate match component
  • Attract and retain employees with necessary military backgrounds

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